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After 911 we all must protect our assets. Today's world is fraught with challenge. It is complex, unpredictable and the topic of risk lies squarely at forefront.

New River Security & Investigations, Inc. (NRSI), a diversified outsourcing services company based in Wytheville, Virginia, was formed in 1986 expressly for the purpose of providing a variety of quality security support and investigative services for personal, corporate, non-profit and government organizations. >>MORE

NRSI includes international clients in Austria, Norway, Brazil, Sweden,Denmark, United Kingdom, Finland, Germany and India.

NRSI’s business model starts with a clear understanding of our client’s objectives and then developing an engagement plan. Our strengths lie in our belief that “If the methods or level of service conducted during our investigation do not meet your expectation, we will make every effort to make the necessary changes to ensure your satisfaction.”

Take a look at the services we provide for different industries and then contact us to learn how we can provide TOP QUALITY investigative services for you.

NRSI is a Security/Investigations Firm that Takes Pride in Getting Results!

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